Kevin Green
CEO and Founder, TripleTree Holdings

Kevin Green is the CEO of the firm, actively focused on leading TT Capital Partners’ principal investing and TripleTree’s investment banking services. In his role, Kevin engages with leaders from the financial and healthcare industries to identify growth strategies that capitalize on the unique attributes of the firm’s healthcare merchant bank platform.

Dawn Owens
President, TripleTree Holdings

Dawn Owens is the President of the firm, with broad responsibility across TT Capital Partners' principal investing and TripleTree’s investment banking services.  In her role, Dawn engages industry stakeholders, from innovative and earlier-stage companies to Fortune 200 leaders, to understand the market forces driving disruption and the potential for continued innovation in healthcare.

Justin Roth
Head of Investment Banking

Justin Roth is the head of investment banking at TripleTree responsible for the firm’s strategic direction and the overall management of business development, client engagement, and talent acquisition and development activities. Justin brings his executive leadership and operating experience in healthcare to his role at the firm.

David Henderson
Partner and Founder, TripleTree Holdings

Dave Henderson is a partner at the firm and Chief Compliance Officer for both TT Capital Partners and TripleTree.  With a well-rounded perspective on investment banking, he collaborated with Kevin Green to create the vision for a healthcare-focused and knowledge-based firm that could participate broadly across the industry, as either an investor or an advisor.

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