Healthcare moves fast. Today’s disruptive capability is tomorrow’s business-as-usual.

TripleTree is proud to present Market Insights LIVE - a compelling collection of provocative, relevant, and diverse conversations featuring the healthcare industry's most respected innovators, investors, and strategic players.  With a common goal to advance a healthcare system that works better for everyone, Market Insights LIVE brings together industry leaders from across the healthcare ecosystem to address some of the most pressing topics shaping the future of healthcare.

Trendwatch 2023
January 5, 2023 | 10:00 - 11:00 AM CT

The healthcare industry refuses to sit still. The growth of technology-enabled solutions and healthcare services with demonstrable ROI has been triggered by a convergence of forces, from inflation, workforce shortages, productivity challenges, to the resilience of pandemic-related advancements in care delivery. Combined with evolving consumer preferences, an uncertain interest rate environment, and ever-present industry challenges, 2023 is poised to be another year of healthcare transformation. 

Kick off 2023 with TripleTree's Market Insights LIVE webinar to hear about the forces impacting the industry, insights about where healthcare is headed, and perspective about what it all means for healthcare M&A in the coming year.



Circle-Headshot_JR.png Justin Roth
Head of Investment Banking
Circle-Headshot_JH.png Jonathan Hill
Managing Director
Circle-Headshot_SK-(1).png Seth Kneller
Managing Director
Circle-Headshot_Sage-Nakamura.png Sage Nakamura
Managing Vice President
Head of Capital Markets Financing Group
Capital One Bank N.A.
Circle-Headshot_Lakshmi-Sreekumar.png Lakshmi Sreekumar
Managing Director
Capital One Securities

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