Assessing the Leadership Needs at HP – 08/13/10

AUG 13

Late last week, we began to collaborate with our friend and colleague Jeff Kaplan at THINKstrategies on the ramifications of the change in leadership underway at HP.  While Mark Hurd orchestrated a masterful cost-cutting era, we collectively agreed that fresh thinking will be needed for them to successfully advance HP’s brand in the emerging era of cloud-centric outsourcing?

It’s a tough call…HP is huge, and one would be led to believe that a “big company” executive would bring the right skill set to the role.  One the other hand, would HP benefit from fresh thinking and an entrepreneurial leader from the outside be better suited to challenge staid thinking and usher in a a new vision? Take a look the piece we co-published with Jeff and let us know what you think!

Have a great week!

Chris Hoffmann
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