Technology Critical For Emerging Accountable Care Organizations – 07/28/10

JUL 28

Healthcare organizations have a growing list of concerns – financial, operational and strategic.  Coupled with today’s economic uncertainty, initiatives aimed at addressing these concerns need to be agile enough to side step considerable technical landmines.

New healthcare models like Accountable Care Organizations are addressing important issues like patient care, cost management and improved communication quality via information systems founded on a collaboration platform.

When technology is involved in any such solutions (and here they’re at the core), transparency and predictability for the long-term benefits can be elusive.  Reasons for this vary, but often they point to unknown financial requirements and related returns on actual investment.

We’re predicting that cloud centric solutions – where the ownership costs are essentially a monthly fee (based on usage / consumption) offer a simplistic ROI.  Here are ten areas where cloud centric healthcare “hCloud” will likely emerge (there are many more but a list of ten seemed like a good place to start).

  1. Communication portals
  2. Coordinated care and accountability
  3. Team based interactions – centered on the patient
  4. Incentive based compensation – aligning health plans and providers
  5. Compliance controls – embedded for patient-focused resources, practices, hand-offs and experiences
  6. Workflows and systems to handle bundled payments
  7. Primary care providers and how they collaborate with specialists
  8. E-prescribing
  9. Chronic Care Management
  10. Ongoing patient follow up, wellness and related education

Like we said…there are clearly many more solution areas, but let us know what you think –

Have a great week!

Chris Hoffmann
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