Uncommon Clarity – 06/01/10


The theoretical beauty of electronic health records (EHR) is that they create a digital collection point for an individual’s healthcare information and their medical status across any care setting.  While these records can be tied to a particular provider or clinical setting, some of TripleTree’s recent briefings with healthcare executives are pointing to the growing sentiment that we have too EHR solutions in our economy – some estimates state there are as many as 200 such solutions!

At the simplest level, these solutions should offer:

  • Common user interfaces
  • Information security assurances based on standards
  • The ability to link, collaborate and share

If the marketplace doesn’t develop some standards, it will be hard for government imposed financial support of personal health records (PHRs) to take root.  The byproduct will be a fragmented marketplace of solutions seeking a problem (from emerging vendors) no model on which around which the term “market leader” can be attached (Microsoft Health Vault, Google Health, etc).  As with most web solutions…user adoption and information security will influence usage patterns and revenue models…these need to be addressed or the potential for EHR’s and PHR’s will struggle to emerge.  Let us know what you think…

Here are examples of items we’re watching across the marketplace:

  • HP cutting 9000 jobs – more here
  • 8.2 million uninsured in CA may be first healthcare overhaul model to watch – more here
  • Healthcare M&A pace to likely tick upward – more here
  • Jeff Kaplan’s perspective on Cloud 2.0 – more here
  • Canadian firm taking lead with electronic health records – more here

Read our most recent research on Healthcare Compliance and mHealth, and if your schedule aligns catch up with us next week at AHIP in Las Vegas.

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Chris Hoffmann
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