5 MD’s, 4 CEO’s, a PhD and a CIO agree on “what”, they’re now focused on “how”

OCT 25

Last Friday, the TripleTree Health Executive Roundtable (HER) convened for their annual discussion and debate on this year’s theme…consumerism in health care in a post reform world.  In the spirit of giving you, our faithful reader, a glimpse into the upcoming research report from the HER, below I’ve summarized some of the opinions expressed during our day and a half gathering.

​Patients as consumers are emerging from being an afterthought to center stage…
  • “Getting consumers to understand price and its relationship to quality and value is important”
  • “In order to achieve customer loyalty, we must find a way to individualize care”
  • “Trust is key in driving change of consumers”
  • “Business focus is tough if the consumer isn’t at the center of decision making”
Current health care models support (and create) dysfunction and call for innovation…
  • “Physicians are only paid through the tyranny of the office visit”
  • “Managed Care neither manages nor cares”
  • “Unfortunately, our current reimbursement model is inefficient, yet is at the center meaningful changes for patients to become consumers”
​For electronic health records (EHRs) and other technologies, start with the end in mind..
  • “EHRs must get the right info into the right hands, but there is no consensus on what that info is and that is where the question of purpose”
  • “It a stretch to think that technology alone will change practice, culture trumps strategy”
  • “Technology is ahead of the change curve and misaligned with reality”
  • “ICD-10 is akin to ‘academics gone wild’”

Needless to say, we witnessed a spirited and opinion filled day-and-a-half session!

While it’s not controversial to opine that innovation in health care is a fragmented pursuit, and as our roundtable focused on how best practices from financial services, retail and media can be applied to consumerism in health care; the often cited hurdles of reimbursement and physician-patient-payer connectedness remained as massive hurdles.

We will publish the collective viewpoints on consumerism in healthcare from our HER this quarter, including companion video interviews bringing each individual opinion to life.  We’ll host both on our web site, and would be happy to send you the link when published.  Let us know if you would like a copy of the report and have a great week!

Joanna Roth
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