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We’re pleased to publish the second edition of Viewpoint, a compendium of independent opinions from our Health Executive Roundtable. The Roundtable consists of senior executives from diverse industries who bring forth unique and sometimes disruptive ideas about the complex issues facing the healthcare

For this edition, we asked our members to consider two top of mind issues in healthcare: Do It Yourself Health and Big Data. The motivation for these complementary topics was spurred by a persistent drumbeat of market interest on technologies that enable consumerism in healthcare. However, our specific focus on DIY health devices and big data is their potential for changing how health is defined and how healthcare is delivered.

Do It Yourself health tools have been available since at least the mid-1800’s (see Figure 1), but the tsunami of new innovations has been fueled by the ubiquity of mobile and wireless communications combined with technology that allows almost any person, object and space to be located, identified, tagged and monitored. As micro-sensors are embedded in everything from pills to pacemakers to refrigerators, patients’ behaviors and symptoms can be monitored real time thereby allowing individuals and/or their care providers to better diagnose disease and prescribe tailored treatment regimens.

The massive volumes of information generated by DIY health devices will be increasingly important to the power of big data in healthcare. The analytical integration of social, behavioral, and biometric data with administrative, clinical, environmental, and transaction data has the potential to identify confounding variables and complex relationships that translate into better care, more efficient processes, and lower costs.

DIY Health and Big Data are in their infancy and the business opportunities are emerging and evolving. This was the catalyst behind asking the Health Executive Roundtable to participate in two discussion forums designed to assess the market landscape today and in the near term.

The Health Executive Roundtable has independent opinions which are not necessarily reflective of the views of TripleTree, but our firm’s perspectives are included at the conclusion of each forum.

Health Executive Roundtable members include:

  • Susan Alpert - MD, PhD, Principal, SFA Consulting
  • Ralph Bernstein – EVP Emerging Strategies, US Bank
  • Brigid Bonner – VP, The Schwan’s Foods Company
  • David Cochran, MD – Principal, Lightship Health
  • Archelle Georgiou, MD – Senior Advisor, TripleTree
  • Don Jones – VP Global Strategy, Qualcomm Life
  • Carolyn Pare – CEO, Minnesota Healthcare Action Group
  • Steve Parente, PhD – Professor of Finance, University of MN
  • Albert Prast - CIO/CTO, Optum
  • Joe Zebrowitz, MD—former CMO, Executive Health Resources

We hope you enjoy this edition of Viewpoint, and welcome your
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