In This Report

Over the last forty years, there has been a significant shift in where healthcare is delivered. Primarily driven by regulatory change and reimbursement opportunity, alternatives to hospital-based acute care services have emerged with a consistent flattening of inpatient admissions and a continued increase in outpatient visits.

With the nation’s 5,723 registered hospitals being at the center of this painful, messy, yet necessary disruption of the healthcare industry, our Health Executive Round table addressed the question, “What does the hospital of the future look like?” Our take is that the hospital of the future is more than ubiquitous technology, expanded robotic systems, and architectural innovation; in fact, our research shows that it may not be a hospital at all. 

High-quality healthcare is frequently described as delivering the right care to the right person at the right time in the right place. This report focuses on the right place. It describes the ongoing evolution of healthcare real estate and offers realistic insight to the characteristics of the hospital of the future. We hope it provokes dialogue and stimulates new considerations as hospitals, integrated health systems, and other providers consider where and how to make long-term healthcare real estate investments.

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