Connected Health 2014 – Market Leaders Have Leapt from Pioneers to Doers

MAY 20

As a long time flag carrier in connected health, we’ve heard all of possible laments regarding mHealth / wireless health (Connected Health) businesses with niche functionalities, unreliable reimbursement models, and how they would likely always be considered a healthcare testing ground and never quite ready for prime time.

In the early days, we assessed the best connected health delivery models focused on chronic conditions and telemedicine enablement.

Back then, we were with a group of healthcare pioneers and thinkers.

For a few days last week, we were with some of the most progressive leaders in healthcare – scores of innovators and industry leaders who are squarely at the center of where health tech, devices and services are converging.

Last week, we were with a group of healthcare doers.

These were attendees at the 9th Annual WLSA Convergence Summit in San Diego, a platform for discussing healthcare themes ranging from data democratization and the latest sensors, to cost management and consumerism.

As part of the Summit, TripleTree was proud to showcase the 2014 iAward Finalists for Connected Health…below are comments from the participating executives.

“Facilities that use us have a documented drop in mortality rate – the best ROI there is.”…Lou Silverman, CEO of Advanced ICU Care

“We’re app-ing our doctors to death – that’s where AirStrip comes in.”…Matt Patterson, COO of AirStrip

“We’re the only company in the world that’s a HIPAA-compliant, certified Facebook partner.”…-Greg Foster, CEO of BrightWhistle

“We know that the aging population absolutely wants to be in the home.”…Bob Yungk, CEO of Clinically Home of America

“We believe every American deserves better health & wealth information to support their healthcare decisions.”…Jim Simmons, CEO of ConnectYourCare

“Our enhanced nurse call system is already in 200 hospitals across the country.”…Ed Meyercord, CEO of Critical Alert

“Traditional wellness programs are broken and aren’t meeting employees where they are.”…Rajiv Kumar, CEO of ShapeUp

“Providers are asking, how do we improve margins if we can’t cut costs anymore?”…Stefan Augustsson, Partner at TeaLeaves Health

 “When patients come in we don’t call it therapy… we call it re-training.”…Mark Wiederhold, CEO of Virtual Reality Medical Center

“75% of healthcare costs are spent on patients with chronic conditions – Welcome To PERS 2.0.”…Andy Schoonover, President and Executive Chairman of VRI.

“The way people are engaging with content and using information is changing”…David Medvedeff, CEO of VUCA Health

“We can walk confidently into any physician and know we can power and extend their care model.”…Jon Pearce, CEO of Zipnosis

Sensor-driven monitoring, virtual reality and social analytics are designed to help those in healthcare find the right professionals, make the right decisions and pay for their care – key high points in the expanding connected health dialogue.

As healthcare innovators continue to consider and solve for the issues surrounding connected health, it’s gratifying to see how the forum provided by the WLSA Convergence Summit is no longer about ideas, but serious solutions.  Let us know what you think.

Chris Hoffmann
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