Delving Into a Research Series on Alternate Site Healthcare Delivery


It’s not controversial to assert that the major healthcare constituents (payers, providers and consumers) are seeking opportunities to improve access and quality while reducing cost.

As reimbursement pressures and new regulatory requirements challenge traditional inpatient care delivery models, alternate site outpatient providers are seeing a strong surge in demand – essentially:

  • Consumers have become more retail savvy with demands for improved convenience, higher quality, and greater transparency in controlling their healthcare spending.
  • Payers and providers are rethinking their traditional models and are developing new interaction and care delivery strategies focused on the consumer (B2C).

Alternate site providers are not new to the continuum of care, but have rapidly grown in importance and scale as they align with the post-reform regulatory environment and the needs of today’s healthcare consumers.

TripleTree is particularly interested in some of the highest-impact segments of alternate site care delivery where significant investment and M&A activity is recently evident; they include:

  • Pain Management: A segment comprised of 7,000 providers that focus on treating and remediating chronic pain in over 100 million Americans.
  • Urgent Care: A $10 billion+ segment of over 9,000 clinics providing lower cost, more convenient access to care and serving the unmet need that exists between the emergency department and primary care physician.
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation: A $15 billion+ segment of over 16,000 clinics and outsourced providers serving institutional settings that help restore or maintain the physical or speech capabilities of patients.
  • Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC): A niche segment that serves the nation’s 3 million medically complex and technologically dependent children.

Our research agenda for the balance of 2014 includes a series of detailed assessments of these four segments including primary service offerings, care delivery models, reimbursement and regulatory environments, key market drivers, and competitive and other dynamics impacting sector investment and consolidation. The first report in the series will be published later this quarter – let us know if you’re interested a copy and if you have any unique insights we should be considering as our analysis is refined.

Jonathan Hill
Justin Fengler
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