Founded in 1997, TripleTree has emerged as the country’s largest merchant bank and strategic advisory firm solely focused on healthcare.

During this time, we have worked with over 150 companies on the strategic and financial outcomes with the sectors most sophisticated acquirers and investors.

We understand that strategically or financially aligning with new a partner can be one of the most meaningful events in the history of your company. Based in Minneapolis, our experienced team of over 40 professionals has backgrounds in banking, executive management, corporate finance, equity research, consulting and public accounting – over 400 years of collective insight and experience in healthcare.

Our firm stands apart because of our 100% focus on healthcare, commitment to primary research, demonstrated ability to work with companies of all sizes, and a platform that offers an array of advisory services and senior involvement in all deals.  We also have a distinct culture, defined by eight threads that run through the fabric of our business shown below.

TripleTree’s Guiding Principles:

Understanding both the broad themes and intricate nuances of the fast changing healthcare landscape is challenging, and our former clients will assert that the TripleTree approach to informing them about the market -- and the market about their companies -- was our most uncommon differentiator.

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