Population Health Podcast: Health and Wellness Infrastructure

By Michael Carroll

Jason Grais, Managing Director at TripleTree, recently spoke with Anthony Diaz, Founder and CEO of Health Hero, to discuss a variety of topics impacting population health management organizations, including:

  • Innovation themes in healthcare
  • The potential for incremental changes to deliver large impact in healthcare
  • The opportunity to enable stronger care coordination via the Primary Care Physician (PCP)
  • Fundamentals to success for population health management organizations
  • The impact and use of data to drive improved critical outcomes
  • Capabilities to support an aging population
  • The opportunity to make a difference in healthcare


To hear the complete conversation, visit Health Hero’s website to listen to Episode 18 of the PopHealth Show, “Talking Health and Wellness Infrastructure”:  http://www.gohealthhero.com/blog/episode-18-talking-health-wellness-infrastructure-jason-grais/

You can also visit Soundcloud to hear Jason’s conversation with Anthony: https://soundcloud.com/pophealth/talking-health-and-wellness-infrastructure-with-jason-grais

Thanks for listening!  We welcome your comments and feedback.


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