TT Capital Partners invests in companies with the ability to be market leaders in highly disruptive themes in healthcare.

Current Investments

Precision Medicine and RCM
Natural-language processing (NLP) software that automates the review of unstructured narrative in health records to help hospitals find patients for clinical trials and reduce claims denials.
Consumer Health Advocacy
Patient advocacy and decision-support services company is well-positioned to succeed in lowering costs and improving health outcomes.
Behavioral Health
A growing emphasis on eating disorder treatment and expanded reimbursement options has positioned this nationally recognized leader for continued success in an underserved market.
Population Health Management
Software that harnesses clinical data to segment and manage patients makes company a key focus of payers and providers in a $40 billion market.
Emotional Health
Evidence-based behavior change technology platform for individuals, health plans, employers and care delivery systems that improves access, delivers emotional health outcomes and reduces costs.
Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid & Commercial
Unique technology-enabled community health worker model connects hard-to-reach members with necessary services, addressing a major need in value-based care.
Patient Relationship Management
Comprehensive technology platform that connects patients, caregivers, community oncologists, and providers to transform cancer care and deliver valuable insights to advance oncology care innovation.
Value-Based Care
Emphasis on value-based care equips advisory and management services company to lead as providers adopt new reimbursement models.
Payer Analytics
SaaS analytics platform using AI and cutting-edge technology to measure and optimize the performance of health plan clinical and quality programs on a near real-time basis.
Remote Service Delivery
Cloud-based medical image management software equips company to facilitate global connections among patients, providers and healthcare networks.
Payment Reform
A marketplace leader in reducing costs in the $295 billion Medicare market as a bundled payment convener.
Member and Patient Engagement
A healthcare technology company that is rethinking and reinventing health engagement and making it better through its industry leading platform, Revel Connect. Revel continuously finds new ways to improve healthcare member and patient experiences, drive better health outcomes and redefine what’s possible.
Provider Engagement
Best-of-breed healthcare communications platform that connects independent providers, patients, pharmacies and payers to improve the delivery of effective patient care through enhanced efficiencies in care coordination, practice management and patient engagement.
Enterprise Risk Management
A leader in the development and delivery of integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions to more than 900 hospital facilities nationwide. Verge Health drives provider organizations to High Reliability uniting Compliance, Patient and Employee Safety, and Practitioner Management in a continuous process model.