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Since our inception in 1996, industry knowledge has been the cornerstone of TripleTree's growing business. Our strategy has been to develop industry knowledge through in-depth research and to leverage that knowledge to provide our clients with customized investment banking services. The combination of thoughtful analysis of trends in the marketplace and practical interactions with the companies driving those trends is powerful. It allows us to bring unique, timely insights to each client engagement.

TripleTree has spent the last nine months analyzing a sector we feel is an area of emerging promise and one which we are uniquely qualified to cover - the Health & Wellness industry. TripleTree's Health & Wellness practice represents the convergence of our emerging human capital management focus with our longstanding healthcare background. We leverage years of collective knowledge, vision and relationships to provide in-depth strategic and financial advisory services.

The re-emergence of rapid double-digit increases in healthcare insurance premiums has made every business owner intent on gaining some sort of control over these costs. In the long run, the best strategy to control cost is to address the underlying factors that contribute to employee population health, but these factors are often overlooked. The focus of the Health & Wellness field is to create healthcare cost reduction through the combination of targeted interventions for the chronically ill with programs focused on illness prevention and health promotion for the remaining "at risk" population.

Attitudes and lifestyle choices often contribute to poor health and subsequent higher healthcare costs. Americans are working more, eating more and exercising less. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Depression, stress and fatigue are all too common. The Health and Wellness industry provides products, strategies and interventions to assist employees and consumers to rethink some of their lifestyle choices and to take the necessary steps to prevent illness and promote more healthy living.

This report provides a detailed analysis of the Health and Productivity Management category, including examples of real organizations, large and small, that are leading the way in the marketplace. These examples have been selected as indicative of where we believe the market is headed. The report also offers our thoughts on how these companies will affect established players in other key segments, including human capital management (HCM), consumer driven healthcare (CDH), disease management and several smaller sub-segments within the healthcare industry.

The dynamic and fast growing Health & Wellness industry will gain increased attention and investment over the coming months. Our research has uncovered numerous developments and various trends within the industry, providing our reader with a solid basis for decision making and understanding of this constantly evolving business landscape.

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