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Organizations are no longer making independent departmental decisions about how to best serve their clients.

Thanks to a range of compliance benchmarks, organizations have become aware of information silos. The result is that they are now internally focused on their varied customer touch points and where sales, marketing and service workflows and processes intersect. Externally, the impact of consumerism and the success of Internet communities are redefining how customer and business experiences can be managed.

TripleTree is fanatical about understanding unique delivery models and how they can create value for emerging companies. Few domains are being impacted by innovative delivery models more than Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Thanks to this innovation, critical customer and business information can be shared, and performance can be measured by simple, powerful, common systems that are engineered to automate customer facing workflows.

We're convinced that the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model is a catalyst for the next generation of CRM. As the micro-disciplines of CRM link with Web 2.0 tools (specifically collaboration solutions), we believe Business Relationship Management could become a more meaningful description of the technologies and processes that mesh to frame the customer experience. For emerging vendors in the midst of this transformation, SaaS will create value for its investors because of the well known benefits of recurring revenue streams and lower costs of innovation. However, these firms will need to align with platform partners who can provide the infrastructure and logic around other core business components to truly emerge as leaders.

This report reviews:

  • how the silos around sales, marketing and service are being torn down because of SaaS;
  • where leading vendor ecosystems are rationalizing new technology platforms that can impact CRM;
  • where Web 2.0 and collaboration tools are becoming competitive differentiators for CRM vendors; and
  • how the role of professional services is changing as SaaS proliferates.

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