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TripleTree's roots in Health & Wellness began several years ago with converging insights from our work in human capital management and healthcare. At that time, it was apparent that employers were becoming more acutely aware of the importance of managing an individual's health; both from a direct healthcare cost standpoint and also in the form of lost productivity attributable to adverse health conditions. In 2005, these insights allowed TripleTree to formally enter the Health & Wellness space with the publication of its initial report titled "An Introduction to Health & Wellness with a Focus on Health and Productivity Management."

This first report focused on the emergence of wellness solutions and their integration into disease management. In early 2007 we published our second report, "Accelerating Trends and Emerging Themes."

This expanded view of health and wellness took aim at addressing the growing need for population health management solutions that could deliver meaningful health outcomes across the healthcare continuum and ultimately drive a return on investment. In addition, this second report highlighted emerging themes such as continued consolidation and the resurgence of corporate on-site health clinics, both of which were fueling growth within health management.

Whether through traditional health coverage, a high deductible health plan, or simply heightened consumer awareness, there is no question that the individual user of healthcare is being placed at the center of care strategies. With the consumer being moved to the center of healthcare decision making, the individual is more and more acting as the director for how they access the healthcare system. In response, organizations of all types are now looking to deliver goods and services, as well as operate in ways they have never been forced to in the past. This phenomenon is creating new opportunities for firms of all sizes and disciplines. Companies recognizing that consumers are no longer standing on the sidelines when it comes to managing their health, whether it be existing healthcare firms or outsiders looking to enter the industry, will be positioned for great rewards.

In our third health and wellness installment, "Alternative Delivery Models and New Approaches to Health Management," we examine new and innovative channels and methodologies firms are beginning to implement in attracting and affecting the individual. To maximize their usefulness, TripleTree believes these approaches will need to be delivered in flexible and convenient channels while taking a more focused and tailored approach that coincides with the disciplines and market forces from other consumer-centric industries. To this end, TripleTree will highlight perspectives on a few emerging themes:

We begin this whitepaper with a look at the continued consolidation and evolution that has recently occurred and is shaping the landscape. Organizations of various forms are building-out expanded services as consumer market principals take effect in healthcare. Much has changed since the publication of our first report in 2005 and it appears to be a foregone conclusion that both the participants and the "rules of the game" will continue to transform in years to come.

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