In This Report

The past year has seen significant innovation surrounding wireless and mobile technologies in healthcare. A recent TripleTree survey completed by over 100 healthcare professionals, alongside a range of high profile events underscores this point:

  • Federal stimulus dollars are pouring into electronic health record (EHR) solutions
  • Government, enterprises, and healthcare workers are recognizing the potential for mobility and telehealth to improve healthcare delivery and are forming policies accordingly
  • Private enterprises, traditional healthcare players and global technology vendors are focusing on new mobile-centric healthcare solutions
  • The Haitian earthquake brought mHealth solutions to the forefront in news stories as emergency workers and care providers collaborated via smart phone applications to help affected individuals
  • Apple continues to disrupt the mobile device market by launching the iPad
  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is re-evaluating its statutorial authority to enforce net neutrality and is proposing to change the classification and regulatory scheme of internet service providers, which will also impact mobile broadbank providers.

We are in what TripleTree considers the third-wave of consumer-driven healthcare, where meaningful disruption and change are impacting consumer awareness, demand and engagement. This is centered on access to information, a central theme of how mobile devices and wireless delivery protocols are impacting healthcare. As we enter the next phase of mHealth, we are becoming convinced that the workflows, processes and datasets that are unique to healthcare are important as wireless technology advances and are defining how mHealth evolves. Wireless and mobile delivery is not only redefining healthcare, but is streamlining its delivery and consumption within various settings - making it faster, more accurate and cost effective.

This report is TripleTree's fifth on mHealth and summarizes findings from recent primary research on mHealth and M&A advisory work across the healthcare landscape. We bring to light advances in mHealth in anticipation of a new wave of mobile healthcare empowerment, and recognize 12 leading and emerging mHealth businesses as finalists for the 2010 TripleTree I Award, held in conjunction with the annual Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) Investor's Meeting and Convergence Summit.

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